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What is Trigosamine?

Some people look for quick pain relief for joints and other need a long-term solution. Trigosamine is an over-the-counter product for joint discomfort that should be used over an extended period of time to help build cartilage and maintain healthy joints. The formula should reduce joint pain and improve flexibility so when you move around you don’t feel like the tin man.

History of Trigosamine

Trigosamine was developed by PatentHealth. They offer two different joint health treatments including the Original Maximum Strength formula and the Fast Acting treatment. Both supplements are designed to provide relief from stiff joints and pain.


Both formulas for Trigosamine are different, but they do have common key ingredients. Both supplements have hyaluronate and glucosamine. Hyaluronate is a natural compound that acts as a lubricant to absorb shock. Glucosamine is a building block for connective tissue and should help replace damaged tissues that cause discomfort.

The Maximum Strength formula also uses chondroitin to promote flexibility. Chondroitin is often combined with glucosamine for optimal results. The Fast Acting formula uses a RapidFlex blend of herbs to help reduce joint stiffness.


There are a few concerns with Trigosamine. Glucosamine is often used in joint pain treatments, but the ingredient takes time to produce results. Significant relief with Trigosamine will take weeks or even months. Additionally, neither Trigosamine treatment offers any anti-inflammatories to provide instant relief.

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