Armenian Medical Fund, USA. Preventing TB in Armenia and the Middle East.

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about
… consider the deadly, infectious and highly
portable disease sitting in the lungs of a
charming young man here, Garik Hakobyan. In
effect, he’s a time bomb.

Mr. Hakobyan, 34, an artist, carries an
ailment that stars in the nightmares of
public health experts — XDR-TB, the scariest
form of tuberculosis. It doesn’t respond to
conventional treatments and is often

XDR-TB could spread to your neighborhood
because it isn’t being aggressively
addressed now, before it rages out of
control. It’s being nurtured by global

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Read Dr. Herand Markarian, Executive
Director of Armenian Medical Fund,
USA’s Letter to the Armenian Reporter in
response at

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