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Hargeysa(sic)-Xisbiga mucaaridka ah ee UDUB ayaa u tafo xaytay siday u dhex dhexaadin lahaayeen kala jabka ku yimid xisbiga dhigooda ah ee UCID ,sidaasi waxa lagu sheegay shir ay galabta ku yeesheen madaxda sarsare ee xisbiga mucaaridka ah ee UDUB guriga ku simaha gudoomiyaha xisbigaasi Axmed Yuusuf Yaasin . Waxaanay shirkaasi kasoo saareen qoraal ,waxaanu u dhignaa sidan:- :- “Shir ay galabta isugu yimaadeen madaxda sare ee Xisbiga UDUB kunaqabsoomay guriga Kusimaha Guddoomiyaha Xisbiga, halkaas oo Qodobo dhawr ah lagu falan-qeeyey lagana soo saari doono War Murtiyeed ku saabsan, Kulankaas ayaa waxa ka mid ahaa… Read Article →

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April 2 (Somaalinews)_ Wafdi uu hoggaaminayo Ra’iisul Wasaare kuxigeenka Turkiga Veysi Kaynak ayaa saaka soo gaaray magaalada Muqdisho ee Caasimada Soomaaliya. Ra’iisul Wasaare kuxigeenka Soomaaliya Mahdi Axmed Guuleed, Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda Yuusuf Garaad iyo Mas’uuliyiin kale ayaa ku soo dhoweeyay garoonka diyaaradaha Muqdisho. Booqashada Ra’iisul Wasaare kuxigeenka Turkiag uu ku yimid Muqdisho ayaa la sheegay in ujeedkeedu yahay u kuur gelida xaalada abaaraha iyo howlaha bani’aadanimada, iyadoo Turkiga bilaabi doono howlo loogu gurmanayo dadka abaareysan. Ra’iisul Wasaare kuxigeenka Turkiga Vyesi Kaynak iyo wafdiga uu hoggaaminayo ayaa lagu wadaa inay la kulmaan Madaxda dowladda Soomaaliya. Wararka… Read Article →

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Whether you have family abroad or you just want to keep in touch with your friends when you’re away on holiday, Skype is definitely the best messenger to download. If a while back Yahoo Messenger was the most common choice, the latest changes have really downgraded it in user’s preferences, so today Skype has become the all-in-one for text, voice and video chatting. The benefits of communication software such as Skype are obvious and need not be discussed into further detail. What needs to be tackled is the subject of gaining access to this software…. Read Article →