What you ought to know about herbal remedial for your health

How do herbal remedial options contribute to lowering body weight? A possible decrease in body weight is one of the exceptional benefits of consuming herbs, and this can largely be attributed to the decline in your cravings for fatty foods and not just the qualities of herbal ingredients.

It is not the habitual or time bound intake of herbs, alone, that is causing the dramatic weight loss. In reality, our highly sensitive taste buds have become attuned to the subtle flavors of the verdant ingredients, to the extent that we have lost appetite for fattening foods.

Furthermore, as fatty foods no longer appeal to us, we become leaner and stay thinner enduringly. For starters, replace carbonated beverages with herbal teas.

A test case is mint flavored tea. To prepare mint water bring a gallon of water to boil in a pot and pop in a cup full of mint leaves. Then turn off the gas and leave the pot to cool for an hour. The resulting mint water, minus caffeine, is ready to be used as a tea base.

Straws of lemon grass or a fistful of mashed basil leaves can be introduced to alter the flavor. I personally fancy taking both lemon grass and basil leaves in my tea, and it has become an invigorating drink for the whole family seven days a week.

Though I am a fan of wine, I have given up the after-dinner glass of wine and relax instead, every night, with one to two glasses of ice cooled herbal tea. A very positive outcome is the marked reduction in my craving for fat rich foods and lowering of the quantity of food consumed.

The herbal diet is undoubtedly effective in regulating appetite. Appetite suppressing and taste altering qualities are shared by licorice, cinnamon and ginseng herbs. A simple technique is to use these herbs as seasoning to substitute sugar and salt and happily partake of lighter quantities of food, which are rendered tastier and placate our hunger signals faster.

More importantly, there is a complete transformation in our lives as regards the change in our attitude to food, doing away with unhealthy eating or overeating and assisting us to keep our body weight comfortably lower.

Herbs also assist you in weight control simply by accelerating digestion and absorption of nutrients. Gingerol, the vital constituent of fresh cut ginger that gives it that peculiar flavor, quickens digestion. On the other hand, there are herbs that are purely diuretic in action and eliminate only the excess water stored up inside the body without affecting muscle or fat mass.

Eight pounds in body weight correspond to approximately one gallon of water. Therefore, if a quicker loss of body weight is your immediate goal, this can easily be achieved by ridding the body of excess water.

Flat leaf or curly leaf parsley, rosemary leaves, celery, female ginseng, thorn apple berries and dandelion are known to be effective diuretic herbs. Fennel is equally efficacious when taken as ordinary fennel tea. While changing over to herbal diets do take care to exercise your body and sweat out the body water wastes.

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