Paraiso maravilla, the elegant alternative.

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& Stephen Clarke

5714 Fairdale St
Houston, Texas 77057
Tel : 713 – 977 5773
Fax: 713-977-1556

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Maravilla represents the romanticism, beauty and serenity of a past
long forgotten. With its majestic appearance, Paraiso Maravilla
is the perfect setting for your unforgettable event, one that will
remain engraved in your mind with images of happiness, love, nostalgia
and passion.
Beautiful gardens, a grand entranceway, spectacular fountains, imposing
fireplace,lush tropical landscaping, decorative wrough-iron doors
and hand carved stonework reminiscence from the !7th and 18th centuries
blend together and magnificently to create a magical setting.

Paraiso Maravilla is the perfect gathering place for that very important
company event, meeting or celebration. Our distinctive layout allows
us to provide you with the ideal setting and flexibility needed
for a successful event. Paraiso Maravilla is also considered by
photographers and video producers
to be one of Houston’s premiere daylight studio location.


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