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hurricane sandy satellite imageAn unprecedented storm has impacted the eastern seaboard of the United States. The storm was originally categorized as a Level 1 Hurricane named Sandy. As it made landfall at around 8 p.m. on October 29th, the eye of the store quickly broke apart and the threat level of the store was reduced to a Super Storm.

Today is October 30th, and our offices are located just a few hundred miles east of the point of impact from Hurricane Sandy. While our offices saw no negative effects from the storm, we even maintained power during the entire event, we have been informed that many of our clients dealerships have been impacted and are taking actions towards clean up right now. This being the tail end of what history will record as being the most devastating storm system in history we are happy to hear that the damage and fatality numbers are quite low. As the day moves forward weather reports are still stating that heavy winds and rain will continue throughout the day which will make clean up difficult or impossible.

Being in the automotive retail business, this will prove to be a trying time for our clients and their businesses. All of us here at Repso Marketing just hope that our employees, friends and family are safe and sound and that they have not been impacted too heavily by Tropical Storm Sandy.

Be safe. Be smart.

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