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Whether you have family abroad or you just want to keep in touch with your friends when you’re away on holiday, Skype is definitely the best messenger to download. If a while back Yahoo Messenger was the most common choice, the latest changes have really downgraded it in user’s preferences, so today Skype has become the all-in-one for text, voice and video chatting. The benefits of communication software such as Skype are obvious and need not be discussed into further detail. What needs to be tackled is the subject of gaining access to this software. When they want to install Skype on their computers, what most users do is that they go on the Skype website, download an .exe file, they run it and then they just click Next until the process is complete, without looking on what happens on the screen. Actually, these are online downloaders, so when you launch the executable file, the executable file downloads the actual installer. So if you download the online installer, shut down the computer and run it sometime later, when the Internet is down, the installer won’t work. You can fix this problem by finding out how to download Skype offline installer. The offline installer works almost identically to the online installer, with one small, but significant difference: when you run it, the installer doesn’t have to download anything, it just installs the program as usual.

Knowing that Skype is a messenger that can only be used when you have a working Internet connection, many people want to know why and how to install Skype offline. Although the benefits might not be very obvious at first, they do exists and they are considerable. First of all, users save a lot of time by going straight for the offline downloader, because they no longer have to wait for an additional five minutes or so. This might not sound like a lot for an user that has fiber power at home, but when the broadband speed is limited, the offline installer makes all the difference. Also, if you’re on holiday and the Wi-Fi at the hotel isn’t very fast, using the offline installer is a true blessing, because you can install Skype directly, without having to perform two download processes.

Although it requires an Internet connection to work, Skype, and any other messenger for that matter, can be installed offline on any computer and then be used normally when that computer gets an Internet connection. For example, if you have to install all the necessary software on your parents’ laptop, which isn’t connected to the Internet, you can use the offline installer and when Internet is available Skype will run normally, without requiring additional installation steps. Many websites, particularly the technology ones, direct to offline installer links for Skype when they recommend software for their users. This guarantees a pleasant user experience and saves a lot of time, especially when the broadband speed is limited or when there simply isn’t enough time to wait for the software to download completely. If you want to learn how to install Skype offline, it’s advisable to visit professional tech blogs such as

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