This is hammered home through songs like ”The Conversation’ on the new album. “That song came about
after I watched the Gene Hackman film of the same name. It’s about the lack of privacy we have today and I
was just making a point,” Miyuki tells me. “But now it all fits in with Bush and the ways things are going so it
can be interpreted in a political context or even if you’re just at home and feeling lonely you can relate to the
song.” The band certainly delve deep on this album; not only through subject matter but also throughout the
recording process. “This album is more conceptual in style. We didn’t have a ‘set’ theme running through it
but we approached the writing and recording in a more holistic way than we have before,” Jennifer says.
“But it was pretty hard; creatively and professionally – really long hours and a challenging process but we’re
so happy that we’ve done it this way.”

The challenges the band face are hinted at through song titles like ‘Emotional Control’ and ‘Never Learn To
Cry’. “Miyuki and I have very different song processes and we brought our ideas together on ‘Emotional
Control’ and that’s why it’s a juxtaposition – we were coming at it from two completely different ends,” Jennifer
says. ‘Never Learn To Cry’ is the next single release in the UK in March and is a Breeders-esque swim
through hooky guitar riffs and breezy girl vocals.

Aside from music and politics, the band are heavily into films and TV. “We love British TV – shows like Alan
Partridge and The Office,” Jennifer says. “We also love films – documentaries just everything.” The band
also indulge in plenty of reading and enjoy biographies of musicians as well as exploring the history of
music. “We would love to do our own film. It would probably be something like ‘Head!’ Or maybe some kinda
cartoon would be fun…” Jennifer says wistfully. “Yes! A cartoon, then I could do my own voice! Jennifer and I
are not very good actresses but Miyuki would be great!” Laura says.

Miyuki sticks with the cartoon idea. “We’ve thought about doing a murder-mystery animation where we go
out solving crimes. We could get loads of people involved – like it would be good to have a drink with George
Best in it – his ghost – or maybe with his liver – it could speak and tell us stories…Now THAT would be fun…”

Sticking with the slightly absurd,  I ask the band what embarassing tracks they would play on an invisible
record deck? “I’m not embarassed by anything I play! But I would have Sir Mixalot’s ‘Baby Come Back’ on
repeat!” Miyuki says. Let’s hope The Rogers Sisters make it back to see us in the UK really soon. A
terrifically creative band who are terrifically fun people. Let’s raise our herbal drinks to them with pride.

Promo pic courtesy of Beggars Records
Photographs and interview by Dee Sekar
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