Special event caterers

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (office hours)

Placing an Order

Telephone : 713.587.9500 Fax: 713.587.9501 Email : [email protected]

Orders require a minimum of 10 people. Note: certain
items, times of day & delivery zones may require a
higher minimum order.

phone/fax orders must be placed by 3:00PM, on the business
day prior to the Scheduled Event.

placing orders via internet/email, please do so by 2:00PM,
on the business day prior to the Scheduled

placed after above deadlines will be filled AS OUR KITCHEN

that meetings & events can pop-up unexpectedly, we are
happy to accommodate your

“same day” order – subject to a 15%

Email confirmation will be sent for all
catering orders.


Pricing is charged/based per person & is subject to change without notice. The prices listed do not include sales tax, delivery or gratuity.


Corporate accounts may be established on a Net 15 billing cycle (payment due up to 15 business days after Event).

Cancellation Policy

We try to be flexible and sensitive to your scheduling needs — we therefore do not require a full cancellation charge when provided enough notice (varies depending on the size & nature of the Event). However, same day cancellations will result in a full, 100% charge for the scheduled event/menu.

Delivery & Pick-up

orders include a $30.00 delivery fee

are scheduled within a 30-minute time window

up of any equipment such as  bowls, dishes,
baskets or serving trays or utensils will be scheduled &
confirmed prior to

Other Details

Disposable serving pieces – plates, beverage cups, flatware, napkins, and serving utensils – will be included with your catering order. Please contact your Catering Manager to make arrangements for rental of china, silverware, glassware, table linens, etc. if your event calls for more elaborate displays & service.

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