The scarface humidor package and limited edition blu-ray

The Scarface Humidor is a limited-edition, highly collectible item. Only one thousand pieces have been exquisitely handcrafted by cigar aficionado and master craftsman, Daniel Marshall.

But this is probably the best thing about the Scarface Humidor package, and why I absolutely recommend it: When you purchase this luxury humidor, you become the owner of exclusive Scarface movie memorabilia.

Each Scarface Humidor package is composed of the following:

  • A limited-edition, handcrafted Daniel Marshall humidor
  • A limited-edition Blu-ray disc of the 1983 movie, “Scarface”.  This is a digitally remastered version; it also includes some never previously-released bonus features, available only in this release. The disc is enclosed in a collectible Blu-ray SteelBook.
  • A digital copy of the film
  • A digital video disc of the 1932 Scarface movie
  • 10 original art cards with stunning graphic design
  • A certificate of authenticity for the humidor, signed by the designer
  • A numbered plaque

It would be interesting to note that each Daniel Marshall humidor is an product of remarkable quality, meticulously hand-made in a span of four months. The Scarface Humidor is guaranteed to properly age cigars as it consistently maintains the ideal humidity levels. It’s even equipped with an analog hygrometer to monitor the moisture in the air.

The exterior is skilfully hand-painted, as well as polished to brilliance with the patented Daniel Marshall 1000 coat finish.

The inside of the humidor is made with untreated Spanish cedar, and is just as well-crafted as the outside. It may also please you to know that every humidor is issued with proof for validating the value of the item – which would be especially useful if you intend to keep your collectible for years. It has a certificate of authenticity with the signature of the famous craftsman. It also comes with a plaque that indicates its number in the series.

      Now about the limited release Blu-ray disc included

The the 1983 crime drama “Scarface” by director Brian DePalma has been digitally remastered to have superb clarity. In fact, this edition of the film is excellent for viewing in high definition. As far as the picture quality is concerned, it’s remarkable: the details are crisp and clear; the colors are vibrant.

The sound quality is equally superb, with 7.1 audio. There is no perceptible difference when it comes to the dialogue, but the music in the background is undoubtedly clear.

If you’re the kind of viewer who greatly appreciates special features and extras, this new edition of Scarface is an absolute treat, guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. It’s loaded with numerous supplements that can provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the cult classic.

The Special Features include the following:

  • A short, three-part documentary, about how the movie “Scarface” impacted popular culture
  • Deleted scenes
  • Audio commentary, featuring two Scarface enthusiasts, Hollywood actor Eli Roth and Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog
  • Interviews with director Brian DePalma, on creating and filming the movie
  • Clips of DePalma, Oliver Stone, Al Pacino and others, as they talk about how the 1932 film ignited an inspiration for a cult classic
  • Bonus interviews, discussing how the cast was selected and prepared to play their respective roles
  • The making of the video game. It provides a look at the technology employed in developing the adrenaline-loaded video game, as well as the voice talents behind it. It includes footage of the artists involved, such as Tommy Lee, Ice-T, Sen Dog, Anthony Anderson, Cheech Marin, Michael York, Robert Loggia, Wilmer Valderrama, and Bai Ling, among others.
  • Other bonus features

With all these additional selections, the limited edition Blu-ray is definite must-see for every Scarface aficionado or any avid movie buff. What makes it even more of a must-have is the fact that it has a special collectible metal case.

The package also contains a bonus digital video disc of the 1932 film directed by Howard Hawks – the original that inspired the 1983 cult classic. It also comes with ten collectible Scarface art cards and graphic artworks.

If you happen to think of yourself as a Scarface fan or a lover of gangster films, the Scarface Humidor package is something you would want to get your hands on. It’s an excellent investment, and a distinctive collector’s piece that can be treasured by yourself and your family for years.

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