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Light therapy or phototherapy is an alternative treatment based on light exposure for various disorders. This procedure, which is also called light box therapy, involves the use of light brighter than regular indoor lighting, but significantly less bright than sunlight. 1. What Can Light Therapy Cure? – Psoriasis– Hyperbilirubinemia– Atopic dermatitis– Other skin disorders– Sleep disturbance– Premenstrual syndrome– Mental disorders– Schizoaffective– Bipolar disorders 2. Treatment Under the treatment, patients are exposed directly to full-spectrum bright light. The patient either sits down, if a light box is used as the source, or has some degree of… Read Article →

Herbal tea has always remained part of many cultures since years. If we compare its consumption ratio then also overtakes coffee and tea till today. Lovers of herbal tea consumes almost on an average 4 to 7 cups daily. If something have good reason to consume it, then adverse too follow it. So, now we will try to know if different herbs made tea taken overdose then what consequences you may come across such as green, black, and other herbs. Green tea shows hypersensitivity to many people. Whereas those who consume it constantly come across… Read Article →

The other three varieties would be the oolong tea, the white tea and the black tea. The Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Japan an Taiwan are basically the locations where the practice of drinking green tea is most popular, although now the west has realized the health benefits which come with drinking the tea. The studies on green tea pronounces it as being the least oxidized variety of these other kinds of tea that are drunk all over the world. But now we know that it is white tea that is goes through the least… Read Article →

Most every one wakes up with aches and pains on occasion, and unfortunately; it seems that as one ages, this becomes a more regular occurrence. Most of these aches are a minor inconvenience that are forgotten by the time the first cup of coffee has been downed, but sometimes they are persistent and may be a sign of something more serious. When a man wakes up with a sore penis – no matter if he is 19 or 89-years-old – the source of the pain should be considered and never ignored, as it could be… Read Article →

Afinitor is the wonder drug launched by Novartis. It was the first drug to get FDA approval for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). RCC is more commonly referred to as kidney cancer whose primary cause is related to smoking and obesity. According to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), RCC accounts for more than 2% of the cancer cases reported worldwide. The number is steadily growing as more than 50,000 patients in the US were diagnosed with RCC in 2010. Afinitor was such a huge success that in 2010, Novartis decided… Read Article →

Cleft lip and palate occurs when the tissue in the mouth or lip region is inadequate and whatever tissue is there does not fuse together properly. It occurs in the early months of pregnancy. The disorder is more frequent among Asian and American Indian populations than among Europeans. Black children have the least chance of developing the disorder. Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate – Possible Causes Researchers are of the belief that the majority of cases of these malformations result from an interaction of environmental and hereditary factors. These and other causative factors are discussed… Read Article →

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that affects around 44,500 people each year. It can effect both men and women with approximately 300 men being diagnosed with the condition annually. The cancer develops when the cells in the breast become malignant and start to multiply uncontrollably. Over time this can lead to the formation of a lump in the breast. No one is sure exactly what causes this type of cancer but there are a number of strong risk factors. In this article I will be discussing seven of these. 1) GENDER:- Being female… Read Article →

One of the many aggressive and destructive forms of cancer is neuroendocrine carcinoma of colon. The worst part of this disease is that more often than not it is detected at the advanced stages where is it very difficult to do anything about it. As the effects of neuroendocrine colon cancer become visible only at very advanced stages, the chances of survival of the patient drops drastically The tumors are mostly detected with distant metastases. In several surveys, reports reveal that in almost all cases of neuroendocrine cancer result in death. Though the possibilities of… Read Article →

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment in which the patient is treated medically to replace hormones that are deficient in the human body. These supplied hormones also perform as a substitute for other hormones which the body produces naturally, and are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Some of the common types of hormone replacement therapy that are done are; for menopause, testosterone replacement therapy and androgen replacement therapy. In hormone replacement therapy to overcome the stress of menopause; two female hormones are replaced that a woman’s body no longer produces because of… Read Article →

Many people may not realize that radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is created due to the breakdown of uranium in rock, water and soil. Because the air pressure in your home is lower than the pressure in the soil that is surrounding your home, it can create a vacuum through which radon can come into your home. This makes it important for you to have Radon Mitigation, which can change the pressure between the soil surrounding your home and your house itself. Radon is an extremely dangerous, radioactive, cancer-causing gas. It is… Read Article →