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The word, cancer is reflected in the people as a big disease or they think that no solution is there, indeed gastrointestinal disorder has been changed as a gastrointestinal cancer, which increases slowly but in the last, it gets a big problem and sometimes it would not have any solution. These days, many people are suffering from this disease and sadly, it doesn’t have any criteria like it can affect to all men, women, and children also. Due to this disease, all can face some embarrassing situation and you can face extremely pain also that… Read Article →

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland which is there in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland produces two kinds of hormones. One of which is responsible for regulating the heart rate, energy levels and body temperature. And the other one controls the level of calcium in the body. The thyroid cancer is a medical condition, where the cells are produced and divided in the thyroid gland but then these wouldn’t die. In the body new cells are producing all the time and the die at the same rate and that is… Read Article →

Our colon health is something that we should all be concerned about. Especially because of diseases that relate to body toxicity levels like cancer and liver disease. What you put into your body is filtered by your colon and if your colon is clogged, by undigested leftover matter, you are not getting the nutrition your body needs to function properly and the problem is just getting worse. Colon Cleansing Has been a hot topic in the health industry for about the past 100 years. It all started with Doc Kellogg and his theories about the… Read Article →

Before beginning any treatment for the symptoms of perimenopause, it is important to undergo a complete physical exam that will include a detailed medical history reports. Most women should at least have a mammogram within twelve months of starting their medical therapy for the perimenopausal symptoms. The medical practitioners may also recommend a bone densitometry if the medical history and physical examination thinks that bone density test is a good idea. The doctor may also ask for additional tests if the need arises. The treatment for menopause has traditionally implied hormone replacement therapy Charlotte or… Read Article →

Dementia is a condition in which there is a gradual loss of brain function. The loss, usually progressive, of cognitive and intellectual functions, without impairment of perception or consciousness; caused by a variety of disorders including severe infections and toxins, but most commonly associated with structural brain disease. It is characterized by disorientation, impaired memory, judgment, and intellect, and a shallow labile affect. There are many causes behind dementia, like:* Certain medical conditions like Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.* Brain injury* Brain tumors* Chronic alcohol abuse* Changes in blood sugar, sodium, and calcium… Read Article →

Cancer that occurs in the neck or head region are usually classified as head and neck cancer. These can occur in regions like the larynx in the throat region or in the nasal cavity. The cancers that occur in the neck and head region are usually denoted as silent killers as they might go undetected for quite some time. When the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes situated in the neck region that is the time it becomes visible. If the cancer in these regions is recognized early, it leads to successful diagnosis and treatment…. Read Article →

Most people are of the opinion that the knee skin abrasions or fingers burned, reddening of the skin, touch will be pain, that is inflamed. Inflammation is not so simple. Inflammation is an immune response, the body around, help us to defeat the bacteria, destroy the masses. Physical health, short-term immune responses to inflammation is indispensable, because there is less of this response, even if only by paper cuts, are potentially lethal. However, scientists now know, when inflammation into long-term phenomenon, it may seriously damage health. For example: Heart disease. Cholesterol is a known risk… Read Article →

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the entire world, accounting for around 12% of all deaths worldwide. The disease has become prevalent in our society so rapidly, growing with robustness and vigor. However, scientists have long been at a loss to explain why cancer rates have jumped so rapidly in the last century or so. Increased identification of the disease was thought to play a part – however, a more satisfying and scientifically sound explanation recently emerged. The World Cancer Research Fund, based in the UK, recently released its second Expert’s Report,… Read Article →

Steroids are derivates of the masculine hormones, and since they try so hard to reproduce the hormonal effects, they will trigger muscular growth. Before the world war, steroids were only experimental substances tested on mice. The discoveries of the research made these substances a main focus point for sportsmen, especially for those who practice body building or fitness. It’s important to remember that regardless of the result, steroids should never be taken without proper guidance. These substances are also used in medicine, to treat certain problems and diseases. You can take a steroid pill, or… Read Article →