Work Tables – Neccessary In Any Rehabilitation Program

The rehab work tables in our inventory have countless applications in the healthcare profession. The work tables we supply will accommodate patients in wheelchairs, patients with mobility aids, and can easily be adjusted to conform to the needs of every patient. Each work tables is easy to move, simple to adjust, and the crank handles on the rehab work tables are retractable so they won’t become a hazard or obstacle. The work tables we carry are perfect for rehabilitation programs and physical therapy procedures.

Rehab work tables are useful fixtures in any rehabilitation program. They can be utilized to enhance orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation, as well as speech rehabilitation and other disciplines.

Occupational rehabilitation can help patients who have been injured on the job and help them prepare to return to work. Various exercises can be conducted at work tables to build coordination, dexterity, and maneuverability necessary for effective job performance as well as forming proper ergonomic habits. It can also help patients relearn and master motor skills associated with daily living tasks, such as eating, bathing, dressing, and homemaking. Such rehabilitation may focus on improving hand function as it directly affects a patient’s ability to dress, bathe, cook, and effectively care for him or herself. Hand rehabilitation is a specialized therapy using work tables to concentrate on improving fine motor skills and finger movement.

Neurological rehabilitation focuses on working with individuals who have neurological disorders or diseases stemming from injury, trauma, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and others. Common problems of patients with neurological disorders include paralysis, vision impairment, poor balance, inability to ambulate, and loss of functional independence. Specialists use work tables to work with patients to improve these areas of dysfunction.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is used to manage and treat disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system as well as rehabilitate patients after surgery. Specialists in this area of rehabilitation are trained in the treatment of post operative joints, acute sports injuries, arthritis, amputations, and others. Joint mobilizations, strength training, hot/cold packs, and electrical stimulation are modalities often used to speed recovery in the orthopedic setting. People suffering from injury or diseases that affect muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons will benefit from treatment by a rehabilitative therapist specializing in orthopedics.

Speech rehabilitation will help restore speech and correct speech disorders. Speech rehabilitation may be prescribed after a brain injury, cancer, neuromuscular diseases, stroke, and other injuries and illnesses. Performed by a speech pathologist, the patient may be asked to say words, smile, close his mouth, or stick out his tongue in an effort strengthen muscles. The specialist will use a work tables to display flash cards to help the patients increase their vocabulary and remember everyday objects. The specialist may also utilize picture boards of common objects or everyday activities to rehabilitate interpersonal communication. To help the patient remember names of objects and practice reading, writing, and listening, the use of workbooks may also be incorporated. Also available are computer programs that can be used to help sharpen speech, reading, listening, and memorization abilities.

From square and round rehab work tables to butcher block work tables, there is a wide variety to choose from. No matter the specialty you’re in, we have the table for you. Whatever your needs may be for professional therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment & products, allow us to be your primary provider for the finest healthcare and medical supplies available on the market.

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