Nature Meets Nurture for Ovarian Cancer Patients in Thailand

There have been many amazing advances made in treating cancer in recent years. The use of stem cells in cancer therapy, refinement of surgical techniques and tools for cancer patients, and new high tech machinery have all abounded. However, one of the most invasive and recurrent forms of cancer has had few advances made in its treatment. Ovarian cancer kills more women than breast cancer does, despite the fact that far fewer women are actually diagnosed with it. It frequently goes undetected for years, until abdominal pain forces a late stage diagnosis – even in women that have regular cancer checkups. Thailand cancer centers are now finding that natural therapies can be an invaluable adjunct to traditional cancer therapy for this extremely insidious form of the disease.

The agaricus blazeii mushroom is one complementary therapy that Thailand cancer centers are recommending patients try. While not effective for everybody, the agaricus blazeii mushroom has more beta glucans that any other mushroom, and has also been shown in studies to stimulate the immune system and boost helper T-cell production as well as lymphocyte T-cell production. The mushroom is expected to help boost cancer survivor numbers by stimulating the production of interleukin and interferon, which support the destruction of cancer cells and help slow down their reproduction.

Selenium is a widely available mineral that may help in the fight against ovarian cancer, according to Thailand cancer hospitals. Responsible hospitals caution against the use of any substance that is sold privately and costs large amounts of money – selenium is safe, widely used and available in multi-vitamins. Selenium supports the liver – a selenium deficiency can actually create a cancer-promoting environment in your body. Vitamin K is another substance available in multi-vitamins (and vegetables, for that matter) that can help with ovarian cancer. It has been shown to stop tumor growth and sometimes shrink tumors, in ovarian cancer as well as colon, stomach kidney and breast cancer.

Tumeric is another widely available natural substance that has been shown to have anti-cancerous properties, and Wattanosoth, Bangkok and Phuket International are now using it as part of a cancer prevention and treatment routine. The recommended cancer-fighting dose is 2500-3000 mg per day, taken either with meals or bromelain. Coconut oil and black pepper will help with absorption of the active ingredient. Always be sure to tell your doctor at international hospitals in Bangkok about any supplements you are taking – they have the best information on interactions and contraindications.
These are some natural supplements for cancer treatment – but complementary therapies have also been shown to improve general health and wellbeing, relieve stress and insomnia, reduce nausea and pain, and relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. Some international hospitals in Bangkok are even offering complementary therapies in house, like massage and acupuncture.

Meditation, art and music therapy, and yoga are also recommended by Thailand cancer centers for ovarian cancer patients.

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